The Benefits Of Purchasing Pre-Built From Rona Homes

It just might be the best kept secret in Ohio! Rona Homes is your modular home partner, from finding you the exact home to fit your specific needs, through move in and beyond with our incredible 7 Year Warranty*!

How do we deliver so much value for such an amazing price—with no hidden costs?

Here’s the secret:

  • Perfect Building Conditions—All of our homes are crafted indoors in a state-of-the-art facility, meaning your home isn’t sitting out in inclement weather during construction.  Plus, the process of building your new modular home is streamlined so precise, there’s no need for high labor overhead! This savings is passed along to you in the form of a lower price than a conventional stick-built home!
  • Crafted To Last—Pre-built homes are manufactured to meet federal codes administered by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), which assures strength and durability, fire resistance, energy efficiency and quality.
  • Lightning-Fast Construction—When you select your new home we begin construction right away, getting your family into their new, high-quality home sooner than you might think.  We also have access to a variety of pre-owned homes for you to choose from!


All of our new homes are covered under our incredible Home Care Plus 7 Year Warranty*!